Find Success As A Leader Faster.

Get more done in less time, and leverage the power of true desire in those you lead by learning the basic skills we share with you in this course.

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Most new supervisor start out with a high level of enthusiasm, but quickly discover that there is a lot to learn about getting things done through others.

In this course, we walk you through the basic skills you will need to be a success as a leader of people. You will start by identifying your Success Factors, those tangible areas that will identify your level of success. We also take you through a thought process when you join our 'ABC Company, where you will turn your thinking upside down, as you work to build your new team.

We will share with you effective ways to delegate work to others. Remember, your job is not to "do" the work, but to get work done through others. We will also share with you the different levels of authority to use and when to use them.

We will spend some time learning about Motivation, and how we want to use the internal desires your team members' have, to maximize their performance and reduce turnover at the same time.

What you'll learn

  • Understand your role & expectations

  • Learn how to effectively motivate others

  • Discover the "levels" of delegation & when to use each

  • Identify your 'Success Factors" and focus on them every day

  • Learn about situational leadership, and when to use each style

  • Learn how to conduct effective meetings & one on one coaching sessions


This is an entry level course, for those that are either in the role of leading a team, or have the desire to build the needed skills before you are placed in that role.

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